Is my building fire compliant?

Does my building meet Australian fire compliance regulations?

Are you wondering if your current facility is meeting Australia’s fire compliance regulations?   Is your building being maintained in line with the Australian fire maintenance standard AS 1851?

Do you have an incumbent fire maintenance contractor who inspects the following fire safety systems in line with the intervals outlined in AS 1851?

  • Fire doors
  • Fire walls
  • Service penetrations through fire walls and floors
  • Smoke barriers
  • Service risers
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire shutters
  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire fighting equipment
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Have you had contractors install additional services to your building?  For example a new security system may have been installed that required cable to be passed through a fire wall.   Has the fire penetration of the cable been fire stopped correctly?  Has it been certified with complying with AS 1530.4 and AS 4072.1?

Our experienced technicians can carry out an audit on your building to determine your level of fire compliance with the Australian fire maintenance standard.   We can also carry out any maintenance works to quickly rectify any issues within your building that pose a fire risk.    We log all of your fire assets in a secure online database, with access given to the facility manager.  The manager can then login 24/7 to view the status of their building, and clearly see any critical defects, non-critical defects or any non-conformance issues that have been identified.

We also are able to provide annual fire safety statements that can be passed on to insurance companies as evidence of complying with the fire maintenance standard.


24 Jul 2017