Fire maintenance of fire safety systems is integral to their required performance during a fire as well as compliance to AS 1851.

Our experienced technicians are experienced in rectification works of:

  • all passive fire systems including; fire doors, service penetrations, fire rated access panels, fire dampers, joint sealing, steel protection, fire shutters, fire rated windows, fire rated walls, floors and structures
  • fire detection systems including; emergency evacuation systems, gas detection, and VESDA systems,
  • active fire systems including; fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels, and fire hydrants

Fire maintenance intervals are outlined in AS 1851, and our technicians carry out routine maintenance inspections and tests in a way that ensures a buildings compliance to the standard.   We are able to provide the building owner or facility manager with inspection and test history, as well as annual fire safety certificates for insurance purposes.

Regular inspections and fire maintenance of fire safety systems within a building not only ensure compliance to the fire maintenance standard (AS 1851), but can reduce costs over the long term by protecting a buildings fire assets.   Our experienced field technicians can identify issues early, to prevent fire safety issues as well as reducing large costly repair bills down the track.

All of our technicians are qualified and come with a long term track record of industry experience.   The broad base skill set possessed by Property Fire Maintenance and our staff, ensure peace of mind and a high quality of workmanship.