Fire Safety PerthAt Property Fire Maintenance we specialise in fire safety audits and inspections in accordance with AS 1851. We are experienced in all passive fire areas and also offer services that include fire detection, and firefighting equipment maintenance.

We are able to capture baseline data for new and existing buildings to ensure compliance with the Australian fire maintenance standard, through our inspection service.  Our data capture system enables clients to login to an online portal to view the current status of all of their passive fire systems within a building.

To comply with the specification set out in AS 1851, a building owner must ensure each prescribed fire safety installation is inspected and tested in line with the frequencies listed in the standard.  This includes all current and new passive fire installations and service penetrations.  Our team can carry out these inspections and show you how to maintain compliance moving forward.

We have experienced technicians in the field of fire maintenance, who are able to provide rectification works to ensure the buildings fire safety systems are compliant.  We have over 20 years’ experience in new construction of fire safety systems which enables us to provide a high quality of workman ship.

We provide certification services to new and existing projects to provide evidence of a buildings compliance to the Australian Standards.  We cover all passive fire areas including fire doors, service penetrations, fire rated access panels, fire dampers, joint sealing, steel protection, fire shutters, fire rated windows, fire rated walls, floors and structures.