Mine Site Fire Safety

Are your mine site fire safety systems being inspected regularly?  Did you know that to ensure compliance with the fire safety maintenance standard, your fire systems need to be inspected and tested at regular intervals? Australian Standard AS1851  designates the intervals at which fire safety systems need to be inspected.   The Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety provide some guidance on dealing with fire hazards on site.  We have outlined some key aspects of fire safety on mine sites that should be carried our regularly. mine site durasteel

Conduct an audit of all fire safety systems on site

An in depth fire audit of critical fire safety systems helps to identify the current level of fire protection on site.Fire hazards can vary from one site to another.  The most common fire hazard areas on mine sites that require regular inspection and testing include include: mobile equipment and mining vehicles, hot works areas, storage areas for dangerous goods, underground areas, and electrical control areas.

Plan and schedule regular maintenance of fire safety systems

AS1851 outlines the requirements for regular fire maintenance of fire systems on site.   All assets including fire doors, fire barriers, fire extinguishers, fire pumps, automatic sprinklers, fire detection + alarms, water storage tanks, fire hose reels, fire blankets, and mechanical fire systems need inspection and testing to ensure compliance with the Australian Standard.

Install and upgrade fire safety systems

To ensure that your site is prepared and protected against a critical fire event, modern systems should be installed where a risk has been identified.   System installation should be installed and certified by a competent organisation.

Provide on site training for your staff

Fire safety training for employees should be incorporated into the overall fire safety management plan of the site.  Having a well prepared work force who understand the fire safety management plan will increase the level of safety across the site.

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09 Nov 2017